Choosing the Right Engagement Rings : How to Symbolize Your Relationship

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Every couple is unique and their wedding is no different. Engagement rings symbolize the commitment of two individuals and the life they plan to lead. They are also understood as the importance in beginning a new journey for both individuals in the relationship. Therefore, it is important that while couples look for a ring symbolizing their engagement, they are aware of the significance behind the style of ring. This will help them to truly choose the engagement ring most centered to their relationship and their wedding.

The stone of the wedding ring comes from the romantic tale of 1477 where Archduke Maximillion presented a ring to his beloved, Mary of Burgundy. Before this, engagement rings were mostly plain bands made from medal. For a truly vintage wedding look, a unique stone on a medal band may be the way to go.

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Engagement Ring Symbolism

Another option, birthstone rings uniquely represent the individuals in the relationship or significant periods of their relationship. For example, a ruby would be a romantic stone for a couple that had their first date in July.

Three stoned rings are also a wonderful option for couples. Each stone represents something different: the past, present, and future. While round and emerald cuts are the most popular, this ring could be created in many different cuts to symbolize the engagement and the future of the couple.

Engraved rings also add a unique touch. Many people feel that this simple act adds intimacy to the ring, creating a stronger bond for the relationship. This personalized type of ring is an interesting way to bring other aspects of the relationship into the engagement.

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There are many different ways to personalize a ring. It is important that the ring chosen symbolizes the factors in the couple’s relationship as well as that coordination into the ceremony. Whether it be a traditional, cultural, or a vintage wedding, personalizing their ring is a great option to help couples symbolize their relationship. No matter the choice, the important thing is that the ring represents the commitment and love that is shared in a beautiful marriage.

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