Decrease In Couples Going To The Wedding Chapel In Vegas

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Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has been known as the city where many people go to get married. However, the number of weddings that Las Vegas has seen in the past 10 years has dropped almost 40%. The weddings in Las Vegas are enticing to those who are on a budget, and you can usually walk into one of the numerous Wedding Chapel on almost any street and be out in minutes, but there aren’t as many people who want to get married anymore in Vegas.

Some of the pastors conducting weddings believe that the economy is to blame. The Nevada County clerk gives a different input. The weddings that are held don’t offer the glitz and glamour of Hollywood weddings like they used to exhibit for couples. There are several annulments that haven’t really helped the situation, either. Dennis Rodman, married for only nine days, and Britney Spears, married for only 55 hours, don’t give any hope for those who want to get married in the city of lights.

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Hollywood has also given Las Vegas a stigma of a place to get married while you’re drunk. There have been numerous television shows and movies that display people who get drunk or run off to Vegas just to get married because they have nothing better to do in life. Even with the decrease in marriages, Las Vegas is still the top destination for weddings. The city is planning to target international couples in a new press release.

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