Most Expensive Wedding Gowns

Wedding dresses of top bridal designers

Most Expensive wedding gowns are valued not only by the physical value, but by using the top bridal designers. The bridal designers compete with each other on who can create the most expensive wedding dresses. Wedding gowns are the premier piece of a fairytale wedding, and as such, wedding dress designers can go absolutely insane with ideas of what the perfect gowns should look like. The wedding gowns listed below are currently the top of the list for brides and designers both. Not only for the use of expensive material, but also for the artistic gift of their makers.

* 12 million is the price of The Diamond Gown designed by top bridal designers, Renee Strauss and Martin Katz, and presently still retains the title of most expensive wedding gown.

The worlds most expensive wedding dresses

* 8.5 million will get The White Gold and Diamond dress designed by Yumi Katsura it features 1000 pearls, an 8.8 carat emerald, and a 5 carat white gold diamond.

* 1.5 million was allegedly the price tag on the wedding gown worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones for her wedding. It was designed by Christian Lacroix who used the finest silk and diamonds.

* 1.5 million is the price of The Peacock Feathers Dress. Designer Vera Wang used 2009 male peacock feathers.

Top Wedding Dresses Designers

* 1.5 million is the price of The Danasha Luxury Gold and Diamond Wedding dress created by Jad Ghandour and Danasha Luxury bridal designers. For these two bridal dresses designers, coming up with one of the world’s greatest wedding gowns was a passion and a work of art.

* 416,700 will purchase The French Chantilly, made with ivory and white satin with English Cluny lace designed by Sarah Burton. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

* 400,300 will buy the dress Mauro Adami Wedding dress that used 40 meters of a fabric consisting of spun platinum and silk thread.

* 250,000 will purchase a Platinum wedding dress made with platinum thread, in China

* 117,000 is the price bridal designer Huy Vo, who designed “Bach ngoc xiem y”, placed on this gown. This beautiful bridal gown featured two hundred and twenty-two diamonds, twenty-two big rubies, and eight large diamonds.

* 100,000 For The Imperial Syndicate Bridal Gown make the most expensive bridal dress of the 1950s. It was made with 100,000 pre-war pearls. The wedding dresses designers are unknown.

20 Photos of the Most Expensive Wedding Gowns

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