Four C’s: How to Choose The Right Engagement Ring

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Shape is Most Important– Prior to looking for the four C’s (cut,color,clarity,and carat), it is very important to know what stone shape your future fiance likes when it comes to an engagement ring or wedding ring. The shape is an indicator of the genuine design of the stone, instead of just the cut, which has to do with the angles and appearance of the stone. The shape is vital when shopping for wedding bands.

Settings – To get a fine setting, in the jewelry used as possible engagements rings for bride, the metal structure in which the stone is set, may set the tone for the whole ring. A typical round ring stone gives a different and up-to-date transformation in a bezel setting. A popular oval may look more conventional in a four-prong setting. Having the right mixture of shape and setting is very vital when selecting engagement rings for a bride.

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Watch For What She Wants – The style at this time is for couples to purchase diamond rings together as a future brides and grooms, however, if you are more old-fashioned like those that like to purchase an estate ring, and want to surprise her with just the right ring, be sure to look for signs as to what she would like. Some women like vintage wedding jewelry ask her brother, sister, or best friend and ensure that they will not tell her what is going on. If you do not wish to tell anyone,be mindful as to what rings she likes. Would she like platinum, silver, or a yellow gold ring? Would she like something more old-fashioned or a basic and classic ring? Does she like diamond rings? Observe her for a week or two and see what she likes. You can also visit non-traditional stores and find her a lot of vintage wedding jewelry to choose from.

Mull Over The Metal – When it comes to the band for engagement rings for bride, wedding rings,diamond wedding rings,or rings for brides and grooms,there are a lot of metals to select. A popular selection to choose from is platinum,it is very strong and very natural, which makes it a wonderful selection for brides and grooms with very delicate skin. Gold is also a lovely option for rings that come in many colors like white, yellow, rose, and even green. Instead of platinum or gold, you may also think about a hard to find element that is in the same group as platinum,(that has a grayer hue than platinum), or a recycled metal band that may consist of a combination of platinum and gold engagement rings. This will help you obtain the four traditional items that you need for your wedding (old,new, borrowed, and blue) which makes it perfect for engagement rings or vintage weddings rings used.

Look to Buy Loose Stones – When looking for a band to buy for engagement rings, it is very possible that you may be looking to purchase loose stones versus those in a setting for new rings or used rings. This is a great option when purchasing engagement rings for bride. (The ones on display in the jeweler’s case are often just an example of what the completed ring will look like). The stone is the biggest cost of the ring so why not buy the prettiest one available (or at least the one you can afford?). Make sure to look over the ring with a loupe (a magnifier that you can hold in your hand that most ring stores and people that make jewelry own). A good jeweler can assist you and inform you on what to look for.

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Balance Your Budget Properly – The idea that two months worth of income should be spent on a ring should stay an idea. You ought to purchase the best ring or even jewelry used without breaking the bank. If she requires a larger ring but you do not have a large budget to match, select a ring with a much bigger table or surface area. There will not be as much gleam, but a one-carat ring will look bigger if the stone is not as deep. If you do not want to cut back on the look of the stone, then buy a stone that is a little smaller than the next carat up, which can save you up to twenty percent on engagement ring for brides or even estate rings.When it comes to clarity, cutting back a little allows you some wiggle room without altering the sparkle (regularly abnormalities cannot be seen just by looking at them).

Be Secure When You Shop – Begin your hunt for a jeweler with suggestions from family and friends. If they can’t help you, then look for industry organization affiliation. Stores that are certified by the Jewelers of America or member of the Gemological Institute of America are a great place to begin. Usually big and well-known chains can be trusted and have sales. Be sure to know what their return policy is. If it is not the stone she desires for her new or a used engagement ring, if it is not the stone that she wants.

Space it Out Over Six Weeks -Keep it mind that after you order the diamond ring or even purchase an estate ring, it may take up to six weeks to get it back to you. It can be even longer if you specially ordered a ring. If you want the ring engraved,ask for the inscription when you order the ring.

Get The Word in Writing – Any diamond that is larger than one carat should come with a diamond grading report that is given out by a independent gemological association like the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. You can also obtain a “fingerprint” of your ring on your receipt, that also includes the four C’s, shape, dimensions, and any alterations. Also, anything that may change your diamond ring or estate ring value like if it was made by a well-known designer, is an older ring or is from a certain time in history, someone made it by hand or you choose the design, ought to also be documented.

If you use these ideas and tips, they will help you choose the best engagement ring that you can and your fiance-to-be will love it, especially since you are buying it with love just for them.

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