Goti Family and Source Deny Large Sum Wedding Gift Minimum

Growing Up Gotti

It would seem that being raised in the once notorious gangster family the Goti’s can come with a great deal of scrutiny. Last week when John Agnello the grandson of John Gotti wed his fiance in a huge ceremony in Long Island, many reports started to surface about the wedding itself. The star of the reality series “Growing Up Gotti” along with his new bride dealt with stories leaking to the news media that are now being discredited by insiders as false.

The rumor that seem to circulate the most and got the most impact was that guest invited to the lavish ceremony were required to give a wedding gift that was worth at least $5,000. The family has denied this claim as have some who did obtain an invitation to the event. In fact, one individual who was unable to attend had called to give their best wishes and asked where the couple was registered to send a wedding gift but was told it wasn’t necessary for them to send a gift.

Growing Up Gotti Star John Gotti Agnello

There were also reports of mobsters showing up at the wedding gift, given the family background these reports were bound to surface. But again there was no proof to verify that this claim was true.

9 Photos of the Goti Family and Source Deny Large Sum Wedding Gift Minimum

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