How to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts

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When it comes to weddings, it is traditional for most guests to end up bringing wedding gifts. Your guests love you and want to show you how much they care about you. They want to make your day as special as possible by bringing wedding gifts you really want or need. Because gifts are not required, you might be wondering why you should create a wedding registry. Creating a wedding registry is simply a courtesy gesture to make it easier for your guests to choose a gift they know you want instead of having to come up with a wedding gift idea on their own that you may not want or need.

Perhaps you feel uncomfortable asking for a gift and would prefer not to receive any gifts at all. However, most guests want to give gifts, so a honeyfund is a perfect way to go instead. Asking for cash instead of gifts is a great way to allow your guests to still give you a gift without having to create a registry. A wedding guest should not pay any transaction fees if they are giving cash as a gift. Honeyfund offers your wedding guest offline, free payment methods as well as the most affordable transaction fees online. Asking for cash instead of gifts might seem unconventional, but you their is a registry etiquette that can help.

Asking for Cash Instead of Gifts

First of all, do not include any requests for a gift in the wedding invitation. Next, create a honeyfund registry and list items you really want so that your guests will be able to give money to fund that item. This way your guests will know their money is going toward the wedding gift idea that you really want. Also, when it comes to registry etiquette, you should only tell your guests about your website and cash registry by word of mouth. Most website services offer a tab for registries so that you can list your preferences. Again, do not include any mention of gifts in a wedding invitation. Your friends and family will be happy to spread the word for you. The power of word of mouth is incredible.

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