How to say “Yes” or “No” a marriage proposal

Surfing Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal can be a moment you have waited for all of your life. It can change your life forever. While “Yes!” is the usual response, you may feel the answer is, “No.” How do you respond marriage proposal if it’s not right?

If you know your partner is going topropose, you may have an answer. On the other hand, you might be unexpectedly surprised and unprepared. Either way, you need to have a response ready.

Surfing Marriage Proposal


When both you and your partner want to marry, saying, “Yes” is easy. To make the moment more meaningful, marriage respond like this:
• “Yes! I have waited a lifetime to say that to you.”
• “Yes! Nothing would make me happier than to spend my life with you.”
• “Yes, yes, yes! You are the love of my life.”


When your partner proposes, the last thing you want to do is break his heart. What if you’re not ready, if the relationship is not quite there yet, or if you’re not the marrying type? You could say:
• “I care for you, but we want different things and shouldn’t marry.”
• “I’m honored that you asked, but I’m not ready. You need someone who can give you the love you deserve.”
• “You’re very special to me, but we are not compatible.”


The relationship may have moved too quickly and your partner assumed you were ready for marriage when you were not. Need more time? Say this:
• “I do care for you, but let’s see how our relationship grows before we decide.”
• “You know I love you, but I need to think about it.”
• “Wow. This happened so fast. Let’s get to know each other better.”

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