Indian Wedding and Hindu Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Hindu Wedding Ceremonies

Indian Wedding have a very extensive history that incorporates the Indian tradition interpretation of memories of the ceremonial event. The Indian Wedding are becoming a more desired type of wedding to have. One wedding tradition in India, is that the couple does not choose their wedding date. A certain person such as: a cultured family member, oracle, priest or an astrologist. If an astrologist is used to choose the wedding date, he/she will calculate certain stages of the moon. If the calculated wedding date is during the week, the Indian tradition is that the chosen date holds the ceremony with only immediate members of the family. This ceremony is more formal than the other ceremony, that is held on that weekend. The second ceremony is a sizable celebration of family members and friends.

When the date has been decided, another Indian wedding tradition is the wedding invitations. The numerous Asian cultures are followed by gold and red colors, for symbolizing luck and wealth. Prior to the wedding, Mehndi night is a ritual performed for the brides friends and the Indian brides. A specialized artist uses henna to draw on the friends, and then drawn on both of the Indian brides hands and feet to guard her from evil. The darker color of henna used will provide additional luck and experience throughout the couple’s marriage. The brother(s) of Indian grooms scatter and cover the couple with flower petals during the ceremony to safeguard them from evil. Indian grooms and brides give and receive floral crowns, as acceptance to each other, to wear during the entire ceremony.

Hindu and Indian Wedding Photography

Hindu wedding ceremonies first start by igniting a fire, to give recognition to the fire GOD Agni. This ceremony is considered a religious service performed by either a priest or minister. A Hindu tradition, Saptapadi, is where the couple takes their first seven steps together around the fire, while a prayer is said to secure their vows of marriage. Hindu wedding ceremonies also involve tying the couple’s hands together with a specific string/rope. After the hands are tied, the parents of the bride and groom lay their hands on the couple’s hands. This shows the acceptance and representation of the merging of both families. Lastly, with Hindu wedding ceremonies, is wrapping the couple together in a Hindu scarf. This symbolizes that the couple are joined as husband and wife.

20 Photos of the Indian Wedding and Hindu Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

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