Men’s Finger size! What Do Your Fingers Say About You

Boys with short ring finger

These five conclusions are the following: a man with a long ring finger appreciates women more than a man with a longer index finger, a man with a short index finger could be more attractive than a man with a longer ring finger, boys with short index fingers make higher scores on SAT verbal tests, and men with a short index finger as compared to his ring finger has a bigger chance of getting prostrate cancer. Although the test was done on one hundred and fifty five men and women, the conclusions favored the male participants in predictive factors.

The conclusions of this study on the man’s finger size, fit in with a study done before this that showed that men who were exposed to high levels of testosterone while fetuses had a bigger chance of growing a longer ring finger. In that study, one hundred and forty four men who were scheduled to have surgery done by a urologist were put under anesthesia and had their penis size measured and compared to the man’s finger size. The results published were that men with longer penises had shorter index fingers. The researchers concluded that had to do with the amount of testosterone the men were exposed to while still in their mother’s womb.

If Your Ring Finger Is Longer Than

Another point made in the previous study that was used to collaborate the findings published in this recent article was that the amount of testosterone a male baby was exposed to while in the womb could also affect the manliness quality of his facial features thus making him more attractive to women sexually.

The study on the predictive qualities of comparing a man’s index finger with his ring finger concludes that men with shorter index fingers than ring fingers are more attractive and have more qualities associated with male attributes including higher scores on verbal SAT tests. However, the study also showed that men with shorter index fingers than ring fingers were also more likely to get prostrate cancer.

The Vein of Love and the Ring Finger

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