The Best Ways to Respond to a Marriage Proposal

Amazing Marriage Proposal Ideas

It seems that answering a marriage proposal is simple; you say yes or you say no. But some people can cause a misunderstanding in the tone and the words they use if it isn’t cut and dried.

You Answer should be Clear as a Bell

Your partner deserves an answer they can understand. After-all, they went through the nervousness and trouble to ask you. There should also be no conditions on your acceptance. This is a forever move, the person asking should not have to move mountains and jump through hoops to get an answer. If they do, this is a bad sign for them.

Say Yes to Marriage Proposal

Honesty is Best

Honesty is the best policy. It doesn’t matter if you are being asked privately or publicly. Feeling pressured to say yes when you aren’t ready is not the thing to do. This only brings more issues. Besides, if you begin the marriage with a lie, you won’t be trusted.

Say Something Right Away

Leaving your partner hanging is not the way to go either. We don’t mean for you to say yes or even no but tell them if you need to think about things first. Don’t hold back if it’s a no and you know you’ll decline eventually. It’s torture enough for the one asking that it’s taking more time.

Make sure that when you decline that you let him know the relationship is still on but you have to talk more and you be the one to bring it up again.

Will You Marry Me Marriage Proposal Ideas

Let your Answer be Natural

The more natural you sound, the better. Sometimes the proposal can sound rehearsed but, that’s because they want it all to come out right. The answer on the other hand should be natural and from the heart.

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