The Significance Of Wearing Your Wedding Ring On Your Right Hand

Wear Your Wedding Ring

When choosing which hand to wear your wedding band on, it is a tradition to wear it on your left hand. But there are women who choose to wear it on their right hand. Originating from an English royalty dynasty belief, that the left-handed wedding ring wearer to be joined to the heart by a vein, symbolizing wearing a ring on that finger, revealed for all to see, their heart belonged to their finance or husband. Men didn’t begin to wearing a wedding ring until hundreds of years after.

Wedding Ring

Planning your wedding is an extraordinary occasion. Recently the sentiments are changing, wearing the ring on your right hand, with the new millennium have brought about many fascinating interpretations. Economic independence, family heirlooms, differences in culture and being left-handed. Many people today love the idea of having a vintage wedding celebration, an old fashioned ceremony. Some history tells about the possibly reason for vindication that this right-handed wearing might have caused the difference of switching hands because of the non-dominant hand. This change would symbolize a way for women to express respect to men. Who during this period in time, did not wear wedding rings. Discovering all those vintage wedding inspiration of essence will make your day a momentous one.

Wedding Ring On Your Right Hand

So what it comes down to it, which hand to wear your wedding ring, is a case of individual preference and beliefs and customs. There are still numerous countries where brides and grooms wear their rings on their right hands. Among those are Norway, Austria, Denmark, Poland, some regions of Belgium, Germany, including Russia and nearby areas. Greece, and India also follow tradition. The dilemma of possible health conditions is another reason. So if someone is suffering from a medical ailment, such as rheumatoid arthritis, it is common sense, if your ring is creating agony or some other underlying problem.

There are endless, exciting possible vintage wedding inspiration ideas. Again, you can design your own personal touch to fabricate all the unique details creating the perfect vintage wedding.

Wear Your Wedding Ring

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