The Symbolization: Meaning of Each Finger for Wedding Rings

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People don’t only admire what wedding rings you are wearing but also how you wear your finger for wedding rings or wedding bands. In today’s times, they read the position of a ring on your left ring finger to signify that you’re married. It is also possible for people to make other assumptions such as cultural beliefs, religious beliefs and even your style preferences. Most of these assumptions are based on history, cultural beliefs, and the finger one chooses for your wedding ring. This guide is to help you understand what you may or may not be conveying when putting a ring on a certain finger.

Finger for rings: Pinky Finger

In the early 19th and 20th century a ring on this finger could indicate marital status. Two rings would be worn, the wedding band on the bottom and a signet ring on top. It is believed by some historians that Franklin D. Roosevelt wore two rings in this fashion.

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A single signet ring on the pinky finger, right or left, has been long associated with organized crime. Men who wore a pinky ring were claimed to have had mafia connections. Pop culture has popularized this image with television shows like The Sopranos.

Across the pond, in Great Britain and other European countries, the pinky finger was reserved for a signet ring that symbolized their family tree and other forms of status. According to Lang Antiques, the pinky signet ring would frequently feature a coat of arms. These rings were typically family heirlooms and were passed down through the generations.

In addition, a ring on the right pinky finger can indicate career status. Specifically in the engineering and ecology professions, placing a ring on your right pinky finger is a symbol of graduating with a degree in that field. Professional rings are typically simple bands made of iron, silver, or stainless steel.

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Finger for rings: Ring Finger

This is the finger that is commonly reserved to signify marital status throughout many countries but a ring worn on this finger can also symbolize a person is engaged to be wed or a simple promise ring, either to their betrothed or to their religion.

There is speculation that this custom started in the days of Ancient Rome. The Romans believed the ring finger had a vein that traveled directly to the heart. So figuratively you’re conveying that the person or religion holds your heart. In the romantic sense, most receive an engagement ring and a wedding ring or even all three (a promise, engagement, and wedding ring). Many choose to switch the order of the rings by wearing the engagement on their right ring finger and their wedding ring on the left but in the end it is up to the wearer. Many cultures have reserved the left ring finger for wedding bandsand engagement rings, however, there are several countries (Germany, Russia, India, etc.) that use the right ring finger for the same purpose.

In the case of religion, some wear a ring on this finger to symbolize a vow of chastity or purity. Some abbeys would have their nuns wear a ring to symbolize their marriage to God. This tradition is still prevalent but only in select locations.

Finger for rings: Middle Finger

There isn’t much significance to wearing a ring on this finger. Since the middle finger is the longest and at the center of our hands, a ring on this digit could symbolize power and responsibility. It is a great choice if you wish to wear a cocktail ring or some other type of statement fashion ring.

Finger for rings: Index Finger

These fingers are usually chosen for class rings or any other type of ring that you want immediately noticed. It’s nicknamed “the pointer finger” so it’s undoubtedly the most noticeable finger on our hands aside from the ring finger.

Although, in the Jewish community, the right index finger is the proper place for the wedding ring. It is usually a plain gold band but after the ceremony some brides move the ring to the left ring finger.

Finger for rings: Thumb

Wearing a ring on your thumb won’t have any symbolism or significance but it can make a powerful statement. Rings worn on either left or right thumb are seen as fashion statements.

Finger Meanings in Palmistry

Palmistry is the practice of reading the lines in one’s palm. Certain lengths, depth, and other attributes of the lines are said to be indicative of the person’s character, fortune, and even love life. Each finger is said to have a complimentary gemstones specific to an ailment or body part. An example of this would be wearing an emerald on either pinky finger on a Wednesday morning. Palmists believe this will help eye sight and memory.

The Choice Is Yours
Whether you’re a traditionalist or walk to the beat of your own drum, choosing a finger for your ring is simply a matter of personal preference. Although, it is still important to understand what your ring placement could say about you to other people. This way you can make an informed choice about which finger you choose to display your ring or convey your lifestyle.

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