To Gift or Not to Gift to an Engagement Party?

Non Traditional Engagement Party

When love is the air and a happy couple has announced they are getting married, it’s traditional to have an engagement party. When it comes to engagement party etiquette, the trend has moved towards bringing a gift. It’s is usually nothing extravagant, something small or sentimental. There may be a happy couple that wants to remain old school and keep the engagement gift giving to a minimum.

When it comes to the traditions, it’s really a personal choice weather a gift will be brought to the party. Weather the couple has said that they want to keep it gift free or to expect little something from everyone, it will be up to the guest to decide which way to go . It may be a matter of cash flow being more of a trickle and a gift is just not affordable. It may be a matter of belief that not every single occasion is gift worthy. no matter the reason, remember it is okay that the couples receive one less gift.

Happy Couples

Bringing a engagement gifts may come naturally to some guests. It may be that a guest will be unable to attend the wedding, or just feel like the closeness to the couple may be great enough to give a gift. It may even be that a guest feels lie they know the perfectly practical gift idea that just has to be given.

No matter what the guest decides to do, to gift or not to gift, remember that the happy couple is likely more inter step in a guests well wishes for a bright future and and long marriage. A gift is never mandatory so don’t let it feel like an obligation. Do what feels right for the engagement party scheduled and worry about the traditions based on the level of comfort felt with the couple.

Rules of Engagement Party Etiquette

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