Vintage and Shabby Chic Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Planning your bachelorette party usually falls to the maid of honor, but it is customary for the bride and the maid of honor to work together to plan something that falls in with the overall theme of the wedding. If vintage, rustic and shabby chic are the look you are going for on your big day, then it makes sense that the party takes on this theme too. Because there will be so many different people to consider, it is important that the bachelorette party ideas include a bit of fun and entertainment for all age groups.

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bar Crawl

Here are a few things to keep in mind when the bride is having a vintage wedding and wants a bachelorette party to match.
Destination theme
    Spa theme
    Slumber party theme
    Casino theme
    Wine country theme
    Culinary theme
    Arts & crafts theme
    Night out on the town theme

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If the wedding is local, ask the bride if she prefers a local or travel destination to help with a location. After all, she is still a bachelorette and might enjoy one last trip getaway before the rustic wedding of her dreams. After this first step of your bachelorette party planning is completed, it is time to pick bachelorette party ideas based on her vintage wedding theme.

For a rustic wedding, it is okay that things are mismatched, shabby chic and vintage, but you still want everything to look nice and pulled together. Decorate with flowers, home and garden linens and mixed glassware to achieve this look. A flower garden patio, barn or other outdoor venue would make a great place to host this fun event.

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The next step of your bachelorette party planning is to come up with bachelorette party games. These ideas should be fun, active and get everyone involved. The idea is to get people to be social with one another, have fun and entertain the star bachelorette. Popular bachelorette party games include groom quizzes, truth or dare for all the guests, and fun challenges based on the couple’s personal interests. All of these are great ideas for parties that include a wide age range of guests.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

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For any party that you plan, it is important to consider both the wedding couple and the guests before making arrangements. Some couples like family friendly events while others want to treat it as a last fling and have more adult based fun. Its all about personalizing the event, so make sure that you listen to what each person wants, can afford and is comfortable with when planning this event.

17 Photos of the Vintage and Shabby Chic Bachelorette Party Ideas

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