Wedding Called Off: Who Returning an Engagement Ring

Wedding Called Off

Many couples may desire to have a vintage wedding at time of proposal as vintage wedding inspiration and dreams become foreground. Dreams of the vintage wedding along with vintage wedding inspiration are ended when a break-up occurs and the wedding is called off. A major question then arises concerning Returning an Engagement Rings.

Legal Considerations of Returning an Engagement Ring

In the United States interpretation varies on the matter of Returning an Engagement Ring to the one who purchased it when a break-up occurs. A few states such as Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Michigan consider a ring to be a conditional gift. The condition is a wedding and marriage will result. Thus, the recipient is legally obligated to return the ring and related items to the purchaser at the time of a break-up. In these states it does not matter which party initiated the break-up.

Wedding Called Off

Other states are either in the process of answering this question, or take the reverse stance. It is up to the one who receives the ring if it is given back or not

Other Considerations

Longstanding proponents of etiquette, Emily Post and Ms. Manners for example, lean on the side of returning an Engagement Ring when break-up occurs. Moreover, doing this as quickly as possible and a high degree of civility is advised.

When break-up occurs, the marriage is called off, some may prefer not to have the ring returned to them. Use of discretion here, is also advised by the recipient regarding disposition of the ring.

How to Return an Engagement Rings

In cases where emotions are raw, civility is unlikely, communication is broken, sources recommend returning the Engagement Ring to the giver by US mail, Federal Express, UPS or by another recognized carrier. Acquire insurance for the value of the ring, and have a signature recorded at time of delivery. Only use a friend for support not mediator.

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