Wedding Shoes Have to Keep up With Time

Vera Wang bridal shoes

The history of the Wedding Shoes the first that were ever found were sandals. They were found in a cave in the state of Oregon. It was a simple piece of cowhide that was laced with a leather cord. The first shoes were also made without a left and a right. They were made in the same shape and conformed to a person’s foot. They were also made out of material that was easy to come by. The history of the shoes while starting with the first shoe ever made is different depending on what type of shoes you are looking at.

Then during the middle ages shoes started changing and have kept on changing over the years in order to keep up with women wanted. Until the 19th century shoes were hand crafted but during this century shoes started being mass produced. The history of the shoes started really changing during the mid 20th century when shoes were created out of various materials such as rubber, plastic and synthetic cloths.

Graceful Designer Wedding Shoes

Shoe designers start creating shoes that kept up fashion as women’s places in the world started changing. Women wanted shoes that would look good with their clothes and they also wanted shoes that were comfortable to work in. Fashion designers were kept busy trying to satisfy the various uses that women needed shoes for. For dress up women wanted high heels that looked great. For work they wanted flats but they still wanted them to look great so designers were constantly creating new looks in shoes.

Wedding shoes go as far back as Catherine de Medici who was one of the first brides in history to walk down the aisle in high heels. While Catherine’s was the first wedding shoes the tradition has continued as women search for the perfect pair of comfortable wedding shoes that will compliment their wedding gown.

Today’s women will search fashion designers. vintage wedding inspiration for vintage wedding shoes or will find a designer who can create the perfect vintage wedding shoes as well as comfortable wedding shoes that will match her perfect wedding gown. They often take inspiration from shoes that brides wore years before.

Designer Bridal Shoes

It seems that as time progresses brides want to return to the past for fashion designers. vintage wedding inspiration for their perfect wedding. While a lot of brides may wear a more modern gown they want the shoes to be one of the kinds so they look to the past for ideas on the perfect wedding shoes.

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