What is means Eco Couture Wedding Collection

Green Wedding Guide

If you are a bride who cares about the world we live in, you will be happy to know green weddings or eco couture are rising in popularity. The best thing about eco couture is you don’t have to give up style in order to have a green gown. You can have an eco-conscious ceremony and still look very classy.  Eco Couture is the evolution of wedding dresses designing. Adele Wechsler how invents eco collection tells: “I want to reach out to women in a different way…”

First and foremost for a green wedding is the use of sustainable fabrics for your special gown. Your dress will not only look good, but it will also feel good on your body. By using organic hemp/silk blended fabric your dress will feel as soft and romantic as it looks. Remnant lace will give your dress a one of a kind look. The hand sewn details that appear on each gown is what makes an organic design so unique.

Green Wedding Guide

Eco couture

Second, you can use recycled paper to create your wedding invitations. Forego expensive fees from a print shop. Save a tree, and use paper that will prevent waste, save you money and be a one-of-a-kind style. one creative idea is to use seed filled envelopes that can be planted in a garden. Your guests will appreciate the flowers and vegetables this will yield.

Third, for your reception, consider using an organic catering service. You will also support a local farmer by using their fresh produce to serve guests at your reception.

Fourth, rather than metal wedding rings, consider wearing a ring made of natural substances. A carved wooden wedding ring is the ultimate in eco culture. It is also less expensive. Natural rings are the hottest style according to a bridal designer.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gowns

Fourth, by using a fair trade florist, your flowers will be fresh. You will also be supporting organic gardening. After all, decorating with natural flowers looks best, and it also follows with your theme of an organic designed ceremony and reception. Many bridal designers can help you organize your ideas.

An eco cuture celebration is easy to plan. Begin with your green gown, and think of other ways to fit in green ideas. You will have fun planning your special day. It will be rewarding to know you are sharing your love with each other, with your guests. You will also be leading by example. Your guests will think about ways they can respect and love the earth in the same way the bride and groom are.

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